Home Automation

Control your home environment from your smart phone

Your heating and cooling system is at the center of what makes your home comfortable and also where you spend most on energy. The engineers at Carrier have developed thermostats with intelligent controls designed to be the heart of a smarter home–a home where comfort and energy savings go hand-in-hand. With the freedom of remote access via your smart phone or computer, both Infinity and Cor give you total control over the comfort, efficiency and security of your HVAC equipment from anywhere.

When choosing a wi-fi enabled thermostat or controller, Arise Services will install your equipment and ensure your system is connected and ready to go, including the set up on your computer or mobile device.

Infinity® Series Controls

For Carrier's best cooling and heating systems

The unrivaled capabilities of the Infinity control represent our highest degree of comfort management. This communicating control is designed exclusively for our Infinity system products and is the brains behind our ultra-efficient Greenspeed™ intelligence systems. What’s more, techno lovers will rejoice over the Infinity control’s energy management and remote access features.

CÔR™ Wifi Thermostats

Compatible with most brands and styles of cooling and heating equipment

Your heating and cooling system is where you spend most of your energy dollars so saving on your utilities is important. The innovative Côr™ thermostat is designed to combine home comfort with reduced energy use; homeowners saved an average of 20% on their heating and cooling energy costs. It's what we call the heart of a smarter home.

This versatile thermostat is readily compatible with a number of HVAC system types and brands to allow you to upgrade to convenient remote access control and energy saving intelligence. All you need is an Internet connection and you can have complete control over your system from your couch or your favorite beach get-away.

Come Home to a Smarter Home with CÔR™ Home Automation

Now you can monitor and control components of your home from virtually anywhere. This remarkable new system puts remote access to your thermostat, lighting, home security and more right in the palm of your hand. Optional add-on equipment and over-the-air software upgrades make this system highly customizable, expandable and future-proof.