Preventive Maintenance and Preferred Customer Plans

Prevent Untimely Breakdowns with Routine Maintenance and Inspections

It is said that the best offense is a good defense.  Preventive Maintenance for your cooling, heating and plumbing systems are your best defense to ensure your home is running at peak efficiency at all times.  Our expert service technicians and plumbers perform a thorough analysis of your HVAC and plumbing systems and provide you with a comprehensive condition report.  Call Arise today to learn more about our Preferred Customer Plans.

Arise Services offers a variety of annual maintenance plans to meet every need.  As a Preferred Customer, you will receive additional benefits and discounts while having the confidence that your cooling, heating and plumbing systems are properly maintained and functioning at maximum capacity and efficiency. 

Call us to schedule a free In-Home Consultation to help you select the Preferred Customer Plan that best meets your needs.

  • Multiple plan options from which to choose
  • Plans can be set up on an easy monthly draft or renewed on an annual basis
  • We remind you when it is time to schedule your next appointment
  • Filter maintenance or replacement service can be included in your maintenance agreement
  • Your agreement is fully transferrable and can be cancelled at any time

Why Plumbing Maintenance?

  • Conserving water also conserves energy
  • Identifying issues when minor may alleviate costly repairs and water damage to wood, sheetrock and flooring
  • Routine service extends water heater life
  • Faulty toilets and p-traps can allow harmful sewer gas into the home
  • A properly flowing sewer system reduces the possibility of a backup of sewage into home

Why Cooling and Heating Maintenance?

From the EnergyStar Website:
Dirt and neglect are the top cases of heating and cooling system inefficiency and failure. To ensure energy efficient system operation, it is important to perform routine maintenance. Proper maintenance by a qualified technician is one of the most important steps you can take to prevent future problems.
“A Guide to Energy-Efficient Heating and Cooling” |

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2016 marked the first year that HVAC manufacturers required proof that professional maintenance was performed on a cooling or heating system before a warranty claim was approved.  Although this  requirement has been included in the warranty language for years, this was the first time we have experienced a manufacturer enforce it.